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They Make Apps

Webby and SXSWi awards winner SXSWi Award Winner: Best in Business Webby Award Winner: IT Software / Hardware
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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who's behind TMA?

Meet Kettle, a New York based interactive agency specializing in creative digital strategy, product design, and social media marketing.  Since Kettle's inception way back in September 2009, Tyler PETERSON and Olivier PEYRE have helped numerous Fortune 500 companies develop online solutions to promote their products through social media. The two have also been busy supporting traditional agencies in conceptualizing their clients' digital strategy. But that's about as much as we can say about that... we have more NDAs than the CIA.

Want to keep tabs on what Kettle is up to? Become a Fan of Kettle on Facebook, or Follow us on Twitter!

So wait, are you guys just gonna push your agency at the top of the results?

We recently (summer 2011) listed Kettle, the team behind this site, as a paid sponsor (since, well, we built the site!). Our listing plays by the same rules as everyone else's listing in that all sponsors appear in a randomized order that is updated frequently throughout the day. We in no way tweaked the way the results are sorted. So don't get miffed -- besides, we tend to focus on product and visual design, and outsource the development to developers we find on TheyMakeApps.

How did you come up with the idea to make TMA?

Because it's easier for Indiana Jones to recover the Sankara Stones than for someone with an idea for an App to find a decent App developer.  And because we wanted to finally have a place to send friends and clients who constantly ask for our help in finding developers. Yeah, we know there are more than 140,000 iPhone applications out there already, so not everyone is struggling to find a developer. But believe us, the demand outweights the supply. Hence, this site.

Another important part of the idea is to help level the mobile development playing field. We think it's in everyone's interest to spread the mobile love, and facilitate the development of other mobile platforms like Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Palm. Hopefully this site will help these emerging platforms leverage Apple's success by demonstrating how many great Apps and App developers there are working on them. We hope brands and agencies will also begin to realize that they are missing out on a multi-million consumer market by not pursuing these platforms as part of their digital strategy. There's more to music than the iTunes Store, and soon there will be more to mobile Apps than the App Store.

Do you make money from this?

Hopefully! But we don’t expect to make much more than the money needed to cover our investment. App Makers have the option to supersize their listings for $89 a month, giving them more real-estate to present their company and their work, along with top positions in the listings. Getting a basic listing on TheyMakeApps remains free though, since we want to give all developers a chance to promote their Apps to potential clients.

Fair enough. What's next in terms of features?

You tell us! We could imagine the site becoming a forum centered around the craft of App-Making; sharing tips, reviews, gossip, experiences, development support... We have a few ideas but we want to make sure that you guys have your say.  Send us an email if you want to share some of your own ideas about where to take TheyMakeApps.

Do you plan on adding developer reviews?

For now, we will base the popularity of App Makers on the number of times they've been bookmarked using the "Add to Favorites" button, and we're probably going to leave it at that.

What's with the color palette? Or lack thereof?

We wanted the site to look like a modern blueprint, to reinforce the idea that TheyMakeApps is about showcasing the work of digital artists and architects, not our flashy design skills (oh, are they ever flashy!).  It's a "silent" layout, so that the real stars of the site can shine: the Apps.

For App Makers

Why should I get listed? I already have a site.

That's a great start, but this is where people will come to find you! Clients visit this site when they have an explicit need for your services! Don't pass up that opportunity -- just think of TheyMakeApps as the YellowPages® of App Developers.

How do I get listed?

Just visit our sign up page and provide us with a small bit of required data.  Being listed is free, but we will feature some of our favorite App Makers. The more info you share, the more complete your profile will look, and the better your chances of being tagged as one of our favorites!

How much does it cost to be listed on TheyMakeApps?

It's entirely free to get a basic profile. The supersized profile is $89 a month. See details below...

How can I improve my chances of getting noticed?

Easy. Make your listing Badass: Supersize it for only $89 a month and get:

  • Twice the on-screen real estate
  • Always appear above the Free profiles
  • Display up to 3 Apps
  • Get your company description on the List pages
  • Sponsor Badge

All of this using the convenience/safety of Paypal.

Don’t have a Paypal account?

No problem. All you need is a credit card.

I Supersized my profile but I want to downgrade to a free version

Sad. To cancel your account, simply login to Paypal and locate the line that says: “Recurring Payment To Kettle Solutions LLC” on your “Account Overview” or “History” page. Click on “Details” and then under “Profile Status”, select “Cancel” and confirm your selection. And please drop us a line to tell us what didn’t work for you. We’re always eager to hear from our clients. And don’t forget that you can upgrade again at any time! We'll take you back -- no questions asked!

Are you going to promote the site to increase traffic?

We promote the site tirelessly! We are constantly perusing the twittosphere responding to those in need of App Developers.

Take a look around; word is getting out there. The site has appeared in dozens of design and web marketing blogs already, and we are frequently asked to conduct interviews and provide visual assets for other posts.

If you want to feature TheyMakeApps in your publication and need more info or graphics to support your article, don’t hesitate to email us.

Oh, and did we mention we won a SXSWi award in the business category?! That certainly gave those listed on the site a promotional boost!

For those who want to hire an App Maker

How much does it cost to use this site?

It's totally FREE.

Do you guys take a commission if I hire an App Maker via the site?


Have you ever worked with App Makers listed?

Most likely not. We have worked or discussed with a few of them for some of our clients and/or projects, but only a handful.  Each App Maker listed here submitted their listing, but it doesn't mean that Kettle/TheyMakeApps endorses them in any way.  It's the user's sole responsibility to vet App Makers and their work to determine the most appropriate App Maker.

What shall I do if I hire an App Maker and they suck?

Sorry to hear it. We really hope that you will develop a great relationship with the App Makers you found here and that you will be super proud of the work done, but if you encounter any kind of issues or want to report misleading, or fraudulent listings, please drop us a line and we will investigate.

Can I save my favorite App Makers for later?

Oh yes.  Simply click on the heart button with a plus in the middle in the listings that you want to add to your selection of Favorites.  To retrieve your list of favorites, click on the My Faves button in the navigation bar.  Please note that this solution is cookie-based, so it won't work if you use different computers.  If you use different computers or clear your cookies often, we recommend using a more traditional bookmarking system: click on the name of the company listed that you want to bookmark, which will take you to the company's page.  Hit Cmd + D on Mac or Ctrl + D on PC to bookmark this page.

You still have a question?

Email us at and we will do our best to come back to you!

TheyMakeApps is a service by Kettle Solutions LLC. Contact us here.